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Agile services

At Sofka Technologies, we are the Center of Excellence in Methodology, Tools, and Strategy, and we are leaders in the governance of these issues. We promote Agile Practices, and we work as a Community of Practice, supporting the development of competencies in our people.

How we do it?

We (co)create work environments where results come from constant cooperation and transparent communication. We simplify different practices and tools in order to get successful results.


  • From the Practice Experience and User Interfaces (UX & UI): Research, Design, Prototyping and Testing of Experiences and User Interfaces.
  • From the Practice of Agility (Agile): Accompaniment in advice, evaluation, implementation or evolution of frameworks, tools and practices.
  • From the Development and Operations Practice (DevOps): We create synergies for the adoption of the culture, practices, processes and tools that enable continuous delivery schemes.
  • We also support our allies as providers of Extended Capacity (to add to projects or processes) called to support contexts that require any of the profiles of our team.

We serve our clients as experts, with our different profiles:

  • UX & UI Experts: Experience and user interface designers specialized in evaluation and analysis of end users.

  • Scrum Masters: Facilitators and team leaders, experts in leadership and operational and tactical management.

  • Product Owners and Product Owners Proxies: Specialists in product design, functional and business definitions.

  • DevOps Experts: Specialists in optimization, evolution and automation of the IT Value Chain.

  • Agile Coaches: Specialists in Methodologies and Ways of Working, Strategy, Cultural and Change Management.

Our intervention style

Consistent with our purpose, we seek successful results that generate business value.


Javier Montaño

Agile Services Leader

Passion, integrity, responsibility and collaboration are values ​​that I appreciate. I promote the (co)creation of high-performance work environments, by enabling a common language and effective decision-making processes, so results are given early, continuously and in an evolutionary and sustainable manner. I’m creating work dynamics that generate profit for all.