Agile Services

We help people, facilitating the (co)creation of successful, sustainable and replicable results.

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We Make Results Simple
At Sofka Technologies, we are the centre of excellence in methodology, tools, and strategy, being leaders in the governance of these issues and promoting agile practices. We also function as a community of practice supporting the development of competencies in our people.
Agile Practice

We facilitate the planning, decision-making and execution of operational, tactical and strategic activities in different contexts, enabling successful results from an agile approach focused on the client and the end users.

  • Be an example of achievement orientation, compliance and efficiency.
  • (Co)create user/client centre culture.
  • Promote processes and tools that guide towards high performance.
Agile Services

How do we it?

We look to simplify practices and methodological tools to achieve effective, replicable, evolutionary and sustainable results, in addition, we promote results as a consequence of constant cooperation and transparent communication.
Discovery and solution planning

Design Thinking

Design Sprint

Agile Inception


Product Vision Board

Agile Planning

Lean Inception

Service Design


Canvas Business Model

Leadership and team development frameworks

Conscious Leadership

Tuckman and Poole models

Golden Circle


Frameworks for development and support





Our Profiles
We serve our clients as experts in differents profiles:
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UX & UI Practice
We empathize with people, building solutions and experiences that exceed expectations and help materialize the objectives of end-users.
  • Maturity Assessment for the adoption or evolution of the Customer Centered Development paradigm.
  • User research
  • UX & UI training.
  • Workshops to Co-Create and Design of Experiences, Products, and Services.
UX & UI design

Passion, integrity, responsibility and collaboration are values ​​that I appreciate. I promote the (co)creation of high-performance work environments, by enabling a common language and effective decision-making processes, so results are given early, continuously and in an evolutionary and sustainable manner. I’m creating work dynamics that generate profit for all.

Javier Montaño – Agile Services Leader

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