Sofka Technologies signed an agreement with MongoDB to become a Platinum Partner for the region.

This agreement provides our customers with benefits of proximity and direct access to the parent company of MongoDB for excellent support. Contact us if you need advice to access MongoDB Atlas or design and consult MongoDB in general.


MongoDB is a NoSql database based on documents, with the scalability and flexibility needed to manage large volumes of data in distributed form.

MongoDB stores the data in flexible documents, similar to JSON, which means that fields can vary from one document to another and the structure of the data can change over time.

The document model is assigned to the objects in the code of your application, which makes it easier to work with the data.

Ad hoc queries, indexing and aggregation in real time provide powerful ways to access and analyze your data.

MongoDB is a distributed database from its core, so high availability, horizontal scaling and geographic distribution are native and easy to use features.

Design and Consulting MongoDB in Colombia


The Sofka technical team has certified technicians in designing and optimizing MongoDB databases, both on-premise and in the cloud, with MongoDB Atlas.

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