About us

I Love Sofka

“I´m happy, because they let me be”.

Edison Corrales

We want you to know how important is for us, be part of this beautiful family.

Our name was inspired in the merger of two words:

We are a company that since its inception has been developing both technical and human talent, seeking to be at the forefront of the technology industry, generating high-impact solutions for our clients with whom we always work as a team.

That's Sofka

A team of more than 600 sofkians committed with their purpose, passionate about technology, connected with innovation and driven by the strength of our attitude to create value through creative solutions that generate a positive impact in our customers and community.

Our purpose is the engine of everything that happens in our organization.

We look

after our surroundings


successful experiences.

We take care of our environment, we take care of..

Sofka attitude

At Sofka we breathe our DNA daily, prioritizing ATTITUDES over SKILLS.

Empathy, teamwork, a sense of belonging, perseverance and tenacity are the pillars that we look for in our Sofkianos, thus we create a system that makes us unique and that drives us to generate value in the short and long term.