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Bots: creativity has no limits

If someone believes that bots are only used to ask the bank for the balance of the account, they have not seen the amazing uses that these platforms have today.


Sofkathon: challenges for the Covid-19 emergency

One of the most recognized brands in the country in the department store sector is carrying out tests to implement an innovative system that recognizes the types of vegetables and calculates prices according to their weight.


How much is a bot worth

The cloud democratized access to technology. The software-as-a-service model brought the wonders of technology within the reach of businesses of all sizes.


Hibot and the age of conversations

Digital transformation is putting business around the customer. It is consumers who shape business and not the other way around, so Hibot, our customer conversation tool, points to the heart of the digital revolution that we live today.

Compensar and Sofka: building more opportunities together.