We participated in the Limitless 2023 TD Synnex Kick Off.


On April 20th, we participated as official partners in the TD Synnex Limitless 2023 Kick Off, a North American technology company with a presence in over 100 countries, and which integrates more than 1,500 brands in this industry.

The opening was given by Ricardo Caballero, General Manager of TD Synnex for Colombia and Ecuador, followed by its Vice President, Fernando López, who thanked the attendance of the different partners and invited them to follow a series of panels on the vision and statistics of technological development throughout the afternoon.

“Andrea Guevara, Alliances & Partnership Head at Sofka Technologies, who was present at the Kick Off, stated that ‘From Alianzas Sofka, we are generating commercial ties that will lead us to continue growing as a competitive company and a great value for our clients.’ The event highlighted market trends, the growth of the technology sector in LATAM, and the importance of continuing to pave the way in cloud security.”

At Sofka Technologies, we are at the forefront of the market thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and business transformation. We work hand in hand with our allies and clients, offering personalized and high-quality technological solutions that drive their growth and success. We take pride in our attitude of transformation, which motivates us to challenge ourselves to reach new levels of excellence and leadership in the market. With Sofka Technologies, you can trust us as an ally which will accompany you on your path to business success.

We believe that technology is the key to driving change and transformation in the business world. Our commitment to excellence and innovation allows us to offer customized solutions that are at the forefront of technology, which boost productivity, efficiency, and the success of our clients. Discover how we can help you achieve your goals and reach the success you deserve today!

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