Training Leagues Graduation: Boosting the development of young talents in the IT industry

On Thursday, April 13th, a very special event took place for Sofka Technologies: The graduation of the Development Training Leagues. This initiative is a sample to Sofka Technologies’ as a commitment to training and developing young talent in the IT industry and is aimed at young people looking to strengthen their technical and leadership skills in the technology field.

On this occasion, 18 young people successfully completed the entire program and received their certificates in an emotional encounter, highlighting their effort, dedication, and perseverance throughout the entire process. At the beggining of the program, the participants were immersed in a training and intensive practice environment that allowed them to develop skills demanded in today’s IT world.

During the program, the young people had the guidance and support of experts in the industry, who provided mentoring and shared their knowledge and experience to prepare them for the challenges of the workforce. In addition, they participated in challenging projects that allowed them to put their knowledge and competencies into practice in a collaborative and team-oriented work environment.

The importance of continuing to promote the training and development of young talent in the IT industry was highlighted as part of Sofka Technologies’ strategy to lead the technological development of the country.

We congratulate all graduates on this significant achievement and wish them success in their professional and personal careers. We are confident that they will continue to enhance their skills and competencies to keep growing and contributing to the development of the IT industry in our country and around the world.

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