We participated in Digital Bank Bogotá.


Edison Corrales and Elkin Barón, Commercial Managers, along with Andrea Guevara, Alliance & Partnership Head of Sofka Technologies, participated in the Digital Bank Bogotá event, led by companies in the banking sector and fintech experts. This event brings together many professionals in the banking field to promote the latest trends, developments, and advances in the digital transformation of financial services. 

Topics such as innovation and challenges in banking, technological solutions, and fintech are some of the themes that attendees have the opportunity to explore through conferences. Additionally, they can participate in panel discussions and establish contacts with industry professionals, which helps them improve strategies to adapt to the technology-driven changes in the financial landscape.

During the event, they shared experiences and exchanged ideas regarding the importance of customer care, highlighting the opportunities and challenges in digital banking.

These spaces allow us to stay at the forefront of the industry to continue offering quality and relevant services for businesses.

At Sofka Technologies, we always stay ahead by providing innovative technological solutions for the banking sector. Our focus is on driving digital transformation and generating tangible results that propel the success of our clients. Discover more here!

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