We were at PROCOLOMBIA’s MACRORRUEDA 95th with the attitude of transformation!


At Sofka Technologies, we are committed to digital transformation and innovation in the global technology sector.

That’s why we participated in this trade event with a clear attitude: to transform. During this event, we had the opportunity to connect with other professionals and companies from different sectors, sharing our innovative ideas and solutions to continue expanding our services in different industries through digital transformation. This event brings together entrepreneurs and representatives from different economic sectors of the country.

This event was held in the city of Barranquilla, where we had the opportunity to generate approaches and business relationships with Colombian entrepreneurs and international buyers and investors from countries such as Chile, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, among others.

We shared our experiences, presented our technological solutions and software services, highlighting our attitude of transformation, with a view to market changes and the needs of our clients

This experience was important to identify possible alliances, strengthen our value proposition, and supply the market of the mentioned countries with specialized personnel in technology, design and construction of tailor-made software solutions.

As a technology company, we believe that innovation and digital transformation are fundamental to the economic and social development of the country. That is why we continue to work on the creation of technological solutions that help our clients improve their processes, optimize their operations, and achieve their business objectives.

We are proud to have participated in ProColombia’s Macrorrueda version 95 and to continue to be an active part in promoting technology and innovation in Colombia. We will continue to work with the same attitude of transformation to continue contributing to the country’s growth and contributing to the development of our technology industry.

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