How much is a bot worth

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The cloud democratized access to technology. The software-as-a-service model brought the wonders of technology within the reach of businesses of all sizes. Developing your own bot can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a lot of time invested in development and permanent retraining of the system to ensure its learning. Cloud solutions avoid all that. Hibot, for example, offers two licensing models, one for SMEs, which starts with two agents and a channel (which can be WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram) and up to six conversations at the same time, for $ 60 per month; and another called “Premium”, with no limit on channels or conversations, for which you pay $ 90 per user.

The savings bots offer is enormous. A Juniper Research study estimates that banks will save 862 million hours of work over the next two years, thanks to this technology.

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