We agile the work environments, driven by results for the benefit of our clients and the surroundings.

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En Sofka Technologies somos el equipo experto en herramientas, metodologías y estrategia. Funcionamos como centro de excelencia en lo referente a la gestión, formas de trabajo y experiencia de usuario.

We are Management, with over 80 trained collaborators in management, working methods, and user experience.
Our focus is on creating value in processes and services, using strategies that aim for results, compliance, effectiveness, and exceeding expectations to satisfy our clients.”

Our approaches

We work with our clients in their projects and programs offering services as an extended capacity, driving results.

We also have a portfolio of specific services that promote successful experiences.


Dirigimos iniciativas, procesos y servicios, desde estrategias que procuran por el resultado, el cumplimiento y la efectividad.
  • Consultancy in strategies
  • Organizational design
  • Training in management practices

Agile approach:

Lideramos formas de trabajo, adaptamos metodologías y herramientas que simplifican la generación de valor.
  • Consultancy in agile services
  • Work evolution
  • Training with agile approaches

UX & UI approach:

Promovemos el diseño centrado en el usuario, desde la empatía, para cocrear experiencias que resultan atractivas para él y su contexto.
  • Products, services, and experiences designs
  • User centered research
  • Formación en User-Centered Design Training

XXX Management

Dirigimos iniciativas, procesos y servicios, desde estrategias que procuran por el resultado, el cumplimiento y la efectividad

  • Consultoría en Estrategia. Identificamos oportunidades de crecimiento y te ayudamos a tomar decisiones informadas para lograr tus objetivos.

Nuestros perfiles

Servicios Management

Práctica Agile

Lideramos formas de trabajo , adaptamos metodologías y herramientas que simplifican la generación de valor en miras de:

  • Ser ejemplo de la orientación al logro, el cumplimiento y la eficiencia.
  • (Co)crear cultura centrada en el cliente y el colaborador.
  • Habilitar procesos y herramientas que orientan al alto desempeño y rendimiento.

Nuestros perfiles

Servicios Agile
How do we achieve this?
We try to simplify approaches and methodological tools to achieve effective, replicable and sustainable results.

Solution discovery and planning:

  • Design Thinking
  • Design Sprint
  • Agile Inception
  • Canvas
  • Product Vision Board
  • Value Proposition Canvas

Planning and strategic vision

  • OKR
  • KPI
  • Impact Mapping
  • Strategy Mapping

Leadership and Team Development Frameworks

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Management 3.0
  • Tuckman's model
  • Poole

Frameworks for development and support of solutions and products

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scrumban
  • LESS / SAFe

Guiding paradigms

  • Lean Thinking
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • User-centered design.

Our profiles


For the support and diagnosis for the effectiveness and evolution of Organizational Design:

  • Service Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager


Agile evaluation and planning of product development initiatives, including maturity in working methods and introduction to agility."

  • Agile Coach
  • Team Facilitator
  • Product Expert
  • Web Design Expert


For research, design, prototyping, and testing of user experiences and interfaces:

  • UX & UI Master
  • UX & UI Expert
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Práctica UX & UI
Empatizamos con las personas, construyendo soluciones y experiencias que superan las expectativas y ayudan a materializar los objetivos de los clientes y usuarios finales.
  • Evaluación de Madurez para la adopción o evolución del paradigma de Diseño Centrado en el Usuario.
  • Investigación de usuarios.
  • Formación en Diseño UX y Diseño UI.
  • Talleres de Co-Creación y Diseño de Experiencias, Productos y Servicios.

Nuestros perfiles

Diseño UX & UI
Our value proposition


  • We maintain clarity and coherence with the objective and purpose of the context.
  • We promote an attitude of high proactivity, anticipation, and constant risk management.”


  • Thanks to empathy, a sense of belonging, a focus on teamwork, and determination, we also ensure that our team members can communicate transparently and collaborate consistently.

We understand how to deliver value as the axis of cohesion and continuous improvement, early, continuous, evolutionary, and sustainable, centered on customer and user expectations.


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Passion, integrity, responsibility and collaboration are values that help us creating value. I encourage the (co)creation of high-performance work environments, by enabling common language and effective decision-making processes

Javier Montaño – CoE Head

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