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RPA - Robotic Automation Process

We work to care for our environment by multiplying successful experiences. That is why we created a methodology that seeks to transform processes within companies, optimize resources associated with repetitive activities, reduce inefficiencies, and mitigate the risks generated by high operability in manual operations.

How do we create value?

With our services focused on two main fronts, your company can count on:

  • Process re-engineering.
  • Process automation.

Our strategy is focused on the fusion of processes, agile methodologies, and automation. 

RPA optimization advantages

RPA generates value to operations, achieving significant benefits in the short, medium, and long term. 

To increase the development of the analytical capabilities of the work teams.

Optimize the execution of key tasks for the development of strategic business objectives, to facilitate administration, auditing, and process improvement.

24/7 services

Creating process controls.

Creation of business rules that allow the establishment of adequate foundations to achieve major transformations.

What processes can be automated?

Conditions for automating processes:

  • A significant manual load.

  • A high volume of operational tasks.

  • Requires a high number of resources.

  • Errors in the process execution have a significant impact on the operation, generating impact in high costs.

Before automating, it is important to improve processes, thus eliminating the risk of automating inefficiency.

Value tests, what are they?

The value tests are those spaces that allow us to validate the non-existent need within the company, select a process as a pilot test, implement the entire Sofka methodology, and validate the final results.


Diana Arango

RPA leader

Success in automation starts when we begin to understand the processes and identify inefficiencies; because we succeeded in transforming operating models.