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Cloud Services

Accompanying your journey to efficiency, quality and speed to market

Adhering to the Cloud Adoption Framework's governance and best practices, we leverage well-known architectures from leading cloud providers to ensure your cloud environment remains secure, compliant, cost-effective, and optimized for performance, quality, and rapid deployment.


Better Experiences
For Your Business

Smooth migration process with minimal disruption to your operations

Scalable infrastructure to ensure your applications can handle any workload, no matter how unpredictable

A team of certified cloud and DevOps engineers that provide best-in-class solutions

Custom solutions that align with your goals and objectives

Ongoing support and maintenance to keep your infrastructure and applications running smoothly

Cloud optimization strategies to maximize resource utilization, minimize wastage, and optimize your cloud spend

Continuous observability to provide real-time insights, ensuring proactive issue resolution and enhanced system reliability


The Sofka Way

Our comprehensive methodology ensures your business thrives in a competitive environment, leveraging the full potential of the cloud while maintaining control and efficiency:

  • Agile methodologies to facilitate cloud adoption and management.
  • CI/CD practices to automate SDLC which comprehends build, test, and deployment processes and streamline development pipelines.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks to improve operational efficiency, and ensure consistent, error-free processes.
  • Robust monitoring and alert systems, ensuring complete observability of applications and following best practices to keep them reliable, scalable, and updated.

Our Profiles

DevOps Master

Leads from tactical and strategic aspects, identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the technological value chain to detect improvement actions, considering tools, practices, and procedures.

DevOps Expert

A technical and tactical rolethat guides and supports the adoption of DevOps practices by implementing, designing scalable, replicable, and maintainable tools and solutions.

Cloud Engineers

Design, implement, and manage cloud-based solutions, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security. They deploy automation tools, optimize performance, and troubleshoot issues to maintain efficient cloud infrastructure while collaborating cross-functionally.

Cloud Architects

Design and oversee the implementation of cloud-based solutions, ensuring alignment with business goals and technical requirements. They develop scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud architectures, leveraging best practices and cloud provider services.

DevSecOps Engineers

Integrate security practices into the DevOps pipeline, automating security testing and implementing controls to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities. They collaborate with development, operations, and security teams to promote continuous security improvement and secure software delivery.


Ensures the reliability, performance, and scalability of production software systems by leveraging software engineering principles to automate IT operations tasks, incident response, observability, and capacity planning. They bridge the gap between development and operations to enhance system resilience and efficiency.

How We Can Accompany You

We want to provide you with a service that adapts to your needs and way of working. Therefore, you can count on us in any of the following modalities:

Staff augmentation

We provide highly skilled technical personnel proficient in a wide range of Cloud technologies and tools. Our experts seamlessly integrate into your team, contributing to fill skill gaps of meet increased demand for specialized expertise and knowledge. It provides flexibility, scalability, and access to a wider talent pool, allowing you to achieve your project goals efficiently while retaining control over your projects and processes.

DevOps as a Service

By adopting a DevOps as a Service model, your business can benefit from access to specialized expertise in many areas (i.e Cloud, Infrastructure, Architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps, SREs) all at once with scalable resources, and ongoing support, enabling you to accelerate your digital transformation journey and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.


We guide you through every stage of your journey through the Cloud. From initial strategy development to project execution and optimization, our team of experienced consultants offers personalized support and expertise. We collaborate closely with your organization to understand your unique challenges and goals, recommending the most effective Cloud solutions and methodologies to maximize your return on investment.

Contact us

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