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Consulting and custom software development

We firmly believe that to be consistent with our purpose and software development processes, we need to avoid gaps between business expectations, development of solutions and outputs to production with reprocesses. With this in mind, we enable strategic business objectives through technology.

How do we do it?

Developer culture

  • Teams with criteria: we guarantee a real understanding of customers.
  • We go further. We ask ourselves, are we really going to solve the customer’s problem with our contribution?
  • The challenges of our customers, we make them our own.
  • We are consistent with our purpose.
  • We work under a Devops culture that reduces the probability of reprocessing when deploying.
  • We have development consultants, instead of just developers. We understand our scope, so we can take care of our customers.


Reactive architectures

The demands of users of software solutions, in terms of availability, performance and security, motivate us to identify the architecture designs and programming paradigms that allow us to offer the best experience through the applications we build.

For this reason:

  • We develop applications with clean and reactive, responsive, resilient, elastic and message-oriented architectures.
  • Self-contained, understandable and maintainable applications that can evolve without complexity because we know that businesses needs are constantly changing.


We work with the main ESB and ETL tools. Most importantly, we have a framework for products like IBM WebSpehere Message Broker and Oracle Business Bus, which reduce the effort required to develop integration services by 50% to 70%.

Mobile Development

At Sofka we work with the purpose of caring for our surroundings by multiplying successful experiences. This lead us to create a unique service proposal with the objective of improving  user experience in mobile multiplatform developments, so we can efficiently respond to high demand peaks. 

How do we do it?

To achieve our goal, we work with technologies such as: 

  • Android (Java, Kotlin)
  • iOS (Swift, Objective c)
  • Flutter

Additionally, we use clean architectures to enable product evolution. This wide options allow us to: 

  • Anticipate market demands to meet customer expectations. 
  • Make continuous integrations and deployments. 
  • Create mobile developments that are multiplatform. 
  • Optimize resources and costs.
  • Ease of use for end customers.


Andrés Rincón

Developer Leader

We understand that our organizational purpose guides our actions towards value delivery to our entire environment organically and sustainably.