“The sky is the limit” and at Sofka Technologies we are committed to the growth and expansion of the country’s IT industry. Welcome Neelkanth Singh to our family.

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We are excited to have Neelkanth Singh as our new Executive Vice President & Chief Growth Officer #Welcome on board Neel!! Your talents and skills will be of great help to our teams and our international business development. We can’t wait to see all that you will achieve and happy to be a part of it. Congratulations and welcome to Sofka´s Family.

About Neel:

Neelkanth Singh is our new EVP & Chief Growth Officer.

Born in India, Neel has been working in the IT industry for more than 18 years and of which 12 years in LATAM in  Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina predominantly. Lately he has been living in Colombia for 5 years with his wife and daughters.

He is an Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer and also MBA in Information Technology from the University based out of India. In addition, among many other studies, he has completed the Leadership and Digital Transformation programs and the “Leaders for Business Excellence Program” with Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

Neel is passionate about learning and lives with the passion of believing, “The sky is the limit”. He is a very social person who does not like being alone, he likes to interact, make his team feel empowered and teamwork is what moves him.


Provide world class solutions and business transformation to our clients by leveraging technology.


Take Sofka to be among the 3 best technology firms worldwide.


The biggest challenge that he has come to assume at Sofka´s new role is to be an ambassador of the Sofka culture to international clients, with his global knowledge of the IT market and the multinational experience to promote the development of Sofka’s businesses globally, through servant leadership, As Neel says “my main job is to teach, promote growth and ensure the achievement of objectives. Provide the necessary tools to my team so that they feel accompanied and supported in the execution of their tasks”

Neel! Welcome to our family! It’s great news for us to have you on our team! Best wishes!!!

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