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Cuidamos nuestro entorno, multiplicando experiencias exitosas

“Entre todos nos cuidamos, cuidamos la sostenibilidad de la compañía y la experiencia de nuestros clientes” Nuestra cultura es fresca, vivaz y con un ambiente de trabajo colaborativo. Donde nos une la actitud Sofka, nuestro propósito. Nuestro sello es Kaizen (mejora continua).

¿Qué es conectar con nuestra cultura?
  • Es estar sintonizado con Sofka.
  • Ser productivo manteniendo la calidad de mi trabajo. Generar valor en nuestros clientes (internos y externos).
  • Tener cercanía con el equipo y las personas.
  • Tener claro los procesos y el sentido de mi rol.

We are a GLOBAL team and together we move forward with a clear purpose:

"We care for our environment, multiplying successful experiences".

We know that care is managed by all of us, we take care of the sustainability of the company and the experience of customers and Sofkians.

We relate genuinely, we make a collaborative, enjoyable and productive work environment, united by the Sofka Attitude. 


What is connecting with our culture?

  • Being a creator of successful experiences.
  • Constant learning and continuous improvement.
  • Self-manage the quality of your work.
  • Generating value through everything you do.
  • Having close relationships that enhance results.
  • Link your role with the company's strategy.
  • Understand and be a caretaker of the SOFKA business environment.
  • Turn virtuality into an impulse to get closer to clients and the team.
  • Be the protagonist of the Sofka Attitude.

The Sofka Attitude guides our actions and gives us coherence with the company's purpose and has FIVE traits summarized as follows: 

  • Integrity: We are upright, trustworthy and honest.
  • Team vision: We work as a team, build trusting relationships, learn together and make things happen.
  • Empathy and diversity: We are empathetic, diverse, and recognize the differences and needs of our teams and clients.
  • Perseverance and tenacity: We act with determination, we are self-managed, we focus our efforts on adding value to our processes, team and client.
  • Sense of belonging: We feel pride and belonging for Sofka, we work with pleasure, focused on sustainable results for the company and our customers.

We accompany our Sofka Leaders so that they know their talents and with their maximum potential generate healthy dynamics in the work teams they support, as well as the excellence that multiplies successful experiences. We train our leaders in managerial, relational and Sofka Culture skills. Focusing on strengthening the competencies that allow us to have close teams that work from their strengths, with good interpersonal relationships and self-managed.

Reasons to work with Us

We are a company with high growth potential

You can join people who enjoy their work.

We have a fresh and lively culture.

We have a clear purpose.

We are always looking for continuous improvement.

Live the Sofka experience and join a team of great people with a common goal: Multiply successful experiences.
Life at Sofka
At Sofka we strive to make every day a memorable experience, that’s why we build a responsible environment for all our Sofkians. Get to know our life at Sofka in pictures!
The route of our selection process


We have a platform to keep you informed about the status of your process.

We will review and call you to meet you.

We will review your experience and track record, if you apply for that opportunity or for another one we will tell you soon.

Technical test.

We want to get to know your technical knowledge through a meeting where you will get feedback on what we will show you in the process.

Let's talk about attitude.

A different meeting to know your skills, motivations and desires. Let's identify together what motivates you and if this is in line with what you will find in the company.

Client presentation.

This step may not apply in some cases, but we always want you to get to know our client and the people who will be working with you.


If you reach this stage, your selection process has been satisfactory and we want you to be part of our team.

¿Ya aplicaste y quieres conocer el estado de tu postulación?
Have you already applied and want to know the status of your process?
Meet the team that will ensure that your process is
different, close and transparent.


Tenemos una plataforma para mantenerte informado e informada sobre el estado de tu proceso.

Revisaremos y te llamaremos para conocerte

Revisaremos tu experiencia y tu trayectoria, si nos aplicas para esa oportunidad o para otra te contaremos pronto.

Prueba técnica

Queremos conocer tus conocimientos técnicos a través de un espacio donde te llevarás un feedback de lo que evidenciemos en el proceso.

Conversemos de actitud

Un espacio diferente para conocer tus habilidades, motivaciones y deseos. Que identifiquemos juntos que te motiva y si eso esta de la mano con lo que te encontrarás en la compañía.

Presentación a clientes

Este paso puede no aplicar en algunos casos, pero siempre buscamos que conozcas a nuestro cliente y las personas que trabajaran contigo.


Si llegas a esta etapa tu proceso de selección ha sido satisfactorio y queremos que formes parte de nuestro equipo.

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