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At Sofka we have a portfolio of services and technology solutions that allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive support in their technological transformation processes.

Main services
Business + IT Strategy
Enterprise Architecture
Business Intelligence
Digital transformation
Software Architecture
Innovation and optimization
Systems integration
Hybrid integrations
Digital core integrations

Managed services

IT Infrastructure
¿How do we generate value for our clients?
¿How do we generate value for our clients?

Our services cover all phases of technological transformation, starting with the business architecture processes and then drawing the transformation roadmap.

From there, we generate strategies for data governance and service structure, using the right methodologies and best practices, optimizing processes and implementing innovation and improvement mechanisms.

Tailored services
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What makes us different
Delivering value
For Sofka, the return of value is our priority, therefore, we combine expert technical knowledge with human skills to guarantee fast and quality deliveries, transforming the investment into positive impacts.
Software + Kaizen

We adopt a continuous improvement methodology, where we seek to constantly learn and advance, generating changes through specific actions that help us achieve our goals.

Focused on people
At Sofka we put people at the center, starting with our Sofkianos, our allies, clients and end users; seeking through empathy, to generate productive relationships that benefit our surroundings.
Market Knowledge
Nuestra experiencia nos ha brindado un conocimiento de las necesidades del mercado, que nos permite encontrar las soluciones tecnológicas y humanas para lograr objetivos medibles y alcanzables.
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